Interview With Kiliyan Maguire: Charming Liars

Photo by Catie Laffoon

Los Angeles by the way of London alternative rockers Charming Liars have been rising since their inception. The band has been endorsed by Sir Elton John, have toured with a diverse group of artists,  and played festivals all over the world. The band has just released a new song/video for “Like A Drug” and have plans to release more new music this summer. Lead vocalist Kiliyan Maguire was kind enough to talk with us and discuss the new song/video, new music, and touring plans.

Alt Revolt: Thanks for taking the time to chat!

Kiliyan Maguire: Thank you for having me.

Alt Revolt: Congrats on the new single “Like A Drug”! How has the reaction been to the song and video?

Kiliyan Maguire: Thanks! When you put out a video like this it is interesting to see what the reaction will be. It is kind of graphic. It’s been very positive. Some people have reached out and thanked us for making this video. The response to song has been positive too and people have been digging the new tune. It’s kind of early but it is has been good.

Alt Revolt: Can you tell me how you got connected with the Spoon project?

Kiliyan Maguire: There are a lot of darker elements on this record and the videos were kind of influenced by the music. The videos ended up being the visual aide of the music. That is how the whole thing kind of spiraled all together. 

Alt Revolt: Do you have plans to release another EP or full length album this year?

Kiliyan Maguire: Yes. We have been really busy in the studio the past year. We have been writing and messing around with different sounds. We have compiled a lot of material. I think it is probably 15 to 16 songs. Will all of them see the light of day? We don’t know. We will be releasing our first full length album. Up to this point we have been only releasing EP’s. For this particular album cycle the music did not stop writing. We just let it flow and are curious to see where it goes. We still haven’t stopped writing and I actually will be finishing up more lyrics for songs later today. We don’t have an actual date of the release but will keep feeding out bits of music like we have been doing. We have put out “Insomnia” and “Like A Drug” and hope to have some others out in a couple of months. That is something for everyone to look forward to.

Alt Revolt: How has your sound evolved since you released your first EP New Disorder in 2013? 

Kiliyan Maguire: It has changed quite a bit. Back in that time the music was figuring itself out. It definitely had an ideal of where it wanted to go. We are at a good place musically as a band.  Especially with this new release there a some elements that we would not have played around with back then. We are getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable. We ask ourselves going in “is this is something we would do or is this something we would like to do?”. It is easy to get stuck in a rut. We throw ourselves to the mercy of the music. It writes itself sometimes. 

Alt Revolt: What are you touring plans for the summer? 

Kiliyan Maguire:  We are figuring out where we will be. The plan is get out on the road as soon as possible. The music is done and all that is left is an album title. That is where we are at in the process right now. Once we have the dates lined up we will be announcing that. 

Alt Revolt:  What is different for you being in the studio versus playing live?

Kiliyan Maguire: I’m a different person when I’m in the studio than I’m on the road. When I’m in the studio I’m quite the recluse. I disappear off the radar for a while. It is a very intrusive process. You sit and have to dissect everything. It is hard to come out of your shell.  When we go out on the road things change. You are on the go the whole time meeting people. I need that so much. It is so refreshing to get out on the road and be a social person. I totally love touring. If I could I would do nine months of touring and three months of recording. I’m not there yet but maybe someday.

Alt Revolt: Are you active with your fans on social media when you are not on the road?

Kiliyan Maguire: Yeah we do. That is the cool thing. We are in a position now where bands twenty years ago did not have that ability to interact with fans. They would meet their fans and hoped that they would come back next year when they came through town. We have the ability to nurture friendships and relationships we have met all over the world. It is really a unique . I love it. We are an open book. When we meet people there is no game or gimmick.  When people message us we are always in the process of talking and catching up with them. Fans and friends are very similar. 

Alt Revolt: That is all of the questions I have. Thanks again for taking the time to talk. I hope to catch your live show again soon.

Kiliyan Maguire: Absolutely! We will catch up with you soon. Take care.

To purchase the new song “Like A Drug” please use the link below.