Interview: The New Regime

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Ilan Rubin is a busy artist serving double duty this fall. He is behind the kit with Angels & Airwaves plus fronting his own band The New Regime with a direct support for A&A. The New Regime has just released a new EP titled “Heart” with three more EP’s to be released by early 2020. Rubin was kind to take some time out of his day to talk to us about the tour, his new EP, and his excitement with partnering with RED music.

Alt Revolt: How has the tour been so far?

The New Regime: It’s been fantastic! I have been doing double duties which has been excellent. The crowds have been super receptive. It has been a good time overall. It’s a good group of people and I’m enjoying it. We are playing to a full house every night. It’s great to open up The New Regime, doing my thing then fifteen minutes later go on doing another set. It’s very satisfying!

Alt Revolt: Did you have to do any extra physical training for the double duty as the frontman for The New Regime and drummer for Angels & Airways?

The New Regime: Honestly. No. You can imagine each night does get a little bit easier. The first night is so adrenaline fueled that there is no way around it. In the past when I tried to maybe do a little exercise to build up for the tour, nothing helps for the first night. It’s been good but a lot of rehearsals do the job. I was rehearsing for both bands. I think that was more than enough preparation.

Alt Revolt: When you come here to Colorado do you have to fight the altitude or does it even bother you?

The New Regime: I do not have to fight with it but keep it in mind. If you don’t know about it, you might realize you are over worked and keep pushing harder. That is the wrong thing to do in my opinion. You should be more focused on pacing yourself. That is more the marathon than the race.

Alt Revolt: Congrats on another fantastic EP ‘The Heart!’

The New Regime: Thank you! So, you liked it?

Alt Revolt: I love it! I think it’s a natural extension from your previous work.

The New Regime: Yes. You nailed it. I often tell people that it is different than anything else I have done only because everything I do is a constant evolution. I think calling it an extension is very accurate. I’m happy and excited to have people hear it. The entire ‘Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul’ is going to be a sixteen-song album but we are releasing it on four EP’s. We are breaking it up and making it easier to digest over time. It was difficult picking which songs would be on each EP’s. It’s also a good way to give the listener a taste of the music. Here is what you can kind of expect or not expect. “A Way To Feel Again” was the first song people heard and it definitely gives them an inclination of things to come.

Alt Revolt: One of my favorites from the new EP is “Turning A Blind Eye.” Can you talk a little about that song?

The New Regime: When I’m asked about a particular song, I usually go towards what is was like writing it from a musical perspective. What I really like about this song is that it is fairly aggressive erratic guitar playing. It goes back and forth between being angsty and delivered with attitude. It has a nice two part harmony with a melodic pre-chorus. The chorus is a columniation of the two with a nice melody and harmony. I like to do that with music. I don’t like to be aggressive and heavy all the way through. It’s boring and anyone can do that. I like to balance everything out. It stands out to me as being an aggressive song but very melodic and catchy. I really like it. It’s a statement about ignorant people being able to brush what they do not like under a rug.

Alt Revolt: Will ‘Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul’ get a physical release next year?

The New Regime: Yes.

Alt Revolt: Vinyl and CD?

The New Regime: A CD is the question that is up in the air. I’m not sure people are listening to CD’s these days. But certainly vinyl. I personally have no opposition to CD’s. I guess we will let other people decide that.

Alt Revolt: Can you talk about working with Rob Sheridan on the cover artwork?

The New Regime: Rob and I go back about 10 years since I joined Nine Inch Nails. What is great about working with Rob is the trust I have in him. I can give him a basic idea and he can run with it. He will come back with something if not bang on, it is extremely close. I’m always happy what he has done for me in the past.

Alt Revolt: Does each EP have a different visual on the cover?

The New Regime: Correct. I think the final all-encompassing album with have its own artwork.

Alt Revolt: Was it a collaborative effort working on the designs?

The New Regime: The hybrid idea of watercolors and anatomical was all his idea. I gave him the title of the album and how we were releasing it in parts with each having its own focus. On my other albums, I have a symbolic icon in the artwork. On ‘Exhibits’ I have the “E” symbol and ‘Speak Through The White Noise’ I have the wave symbol. On my first album ‘Coup’ I have a crown. Whatever Rob came up with for the actual art we also wanted another symbol that says the same thing designed in a different way. It is simplistic but modern looking.

Alt Revolt: I noticed on your social media feed that you are incorporating one of those simplistic logos into your live show.

The New Regime: Exactly. We are using a neon light that can do some cool things that is our backdrop. It is better than just having the band name in the background. It is the first time we have taken out lights. It has been a very good show.

Alt Revolt: How did you get connected with RED music?

The New Regime: I wanted to find a good partner. I wanted this music to come out through somebody. They seem to be the best one. Everything I have done to this point has been self-released. It has been entirely independent. I felt the music was getting to exact same base and not reaching different people. I’m very excited to see what RED does with it. I’m looking forward to the future.

Alt Revolt: I’m excited to hear the next three EP’s! Thanks for taking the time and good luck with the tour.

The New Regime: Thank you. My pleasure.

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