In case you either missed the memo, weren’t lucky enough to be on the social network distribution or maybe worse yet live in a cave, here is your update.  Boston Massachusetts has a new rock gem to share with the rest of the world and it goes by the name of Silent Season. This Northeastern based quintet consisting of; Jeremy Rae (vocals), Brendan Sheehan (guitar), Joshua Thompson (guitar/vocals), David Pappalardo (drums) and Andrew DeCicco (bass/vocals) just released a 12-song debut gem titled Breaking Me Down. The album produced by Brett Hestla and Alexander Hatziyannis is now available via iTunes and the band has now set out to bring its heavy rock, which borders on metal, to the masses. As usual, the cool and “in the know” readers of Alternative Revolt will be ahead of the curve on yet another killer band. Yes, if you are reading this, you already know you Rock, but we like to say it anyway!

Interview with Jeremy Rae:

Rick/AR: Jeremy, thank you for taking the time to rock out today! 

JR/SS: Thank you for letting me rock out with you!

Rick/AR: Give us a little background on this rock monster known as Silent Season. 

JR/SS: Our drummer, Dave and I started this project in 2008 after being in a past project together. From there we met (guitarist) Brendan and then we started to write together. It was apparent Silent Season was something special and not just another faze. Eventually we gained the other guys and have been rockin’ it ever since. 

Rick/AR: What really caught my attention right away with Silent Season is your ability to mend together heavy hitting rock/metal with emotional lyrics and melodic vocals tailor made for Active Rock radio. Is this the direction the band was working for since the beginning or more of what developed as your various influences came together?

JR/SS: Our goal from the start was to write music that was heavy, yet has that melodic emotion just as you described. My personal feeling about music is that if you can’t feel what it’s all about or relate to it in some way then you’re just another band. 

Rick/AR: Something I think that has been missing in heavy rock music recently as a whole is the emotional aspect of a song. As a listener, not only do I want to be able to hear the song, I want to be able to feel the emotion. With Silent Season I get both.

JR/SS: Thank you very much, it means a lot when you are trying to capture something and then other people confirm that’s what they like about you. 

Rick/AR: You are now supporting a stellar new full-length project; Breaking Me Down which just became available a few weeks ago. 

JR/SS: We are very excited to finally have everything coming together. It’s been four years in the making of just recording this album which seems a bit ridiculous, but there is a lot of great music out there which we have to compete with. I’m glad we took our time and gave it our all and now we will see how people respond to it.

Rick/AR: Give us some insight on the recording process. The final result is a 12-song effort which afforded the band an opportunity to work with the well-known producer Brett Hestla on part of the project.

JR/SS: Working on this album was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We flew out to Florida to work with the creative mind of Brett Hestla and recorded three of our tracks there. Brett helped us really mold the songs and took us out of our creative box, which is a huge task for a musician to overcome. Then we worked with our close friend Alexander Hatziyannis on the rest of the album. There is just an insane amount of talent in both producers and we were fortunate enough to have them work on our music.

Rick/AR: The records first single “Chance” seems to be a song ready for big radio potential. The song would stand up to anything being played over the airways and outlets such as Octane and Music Choice and the like right now.

JR/SS: First off, huge compliment and thank you! We are actually planning a radio campaign with our manager and the team he is putting together. We hope in the near future this track will take off for us. Maybe it will be spun in your area! Our fingers are crossed!

Rick/AR: Going back to the emotional part of a song, “Chance” is one of the tracks that really drives that concept home. It is a song that really challenges the listener to not give up on their dreams or even themselves and to press on.

JR/SS: My biggest thing about lyrics is that I like for someone to interpret a song the way they are meant to. To me it is very relevant to what is going on in our lives, pushing for our dreams of developing in this industry. 

Rick/AR: You shot a video as well for the single which visually portrays the lyrics of that song very well. Talk about the video as well as the video shoot process. 

JR/SS: We did the “Chance” video with Jessica Cook who is extremely talented at what she does. She made it very easy on us even though the first day there was a blizzard in our area. The actual shooting only took two days to create and the editing about a month. Everyone should look out for this talented young director.

Rick/AR: Another song on the record that screams of big potential for the band is “Waiting”. This seems like a great follow-up to keep the momentum rolling down the road when that time comes.

JR/SS: “Waiting” is one of the tracks we recorded with Brett and had a lot of passion behind it. If I had to choose our next singles I would say it would be “Waiting” or “If You Lead Me On”. It’s really hard to choose which one because I’m a fan of them all. It reminds me of when a person has kids and they are asked who your favorite is, you cannot really pick one. (Laughs)

Rick/AR: You’ve played a few shows since the records completion in and around the Boston area to support the release. What are the plans as far as getting out to other markets the remainder of 2012 and into 2013?

JR/SS: We hope to be doing some touring in the near future, whether it is east coast or hopping on with another band in a different area. It is really hard these days with the state of the venues. They want you to pre-sell a bunch of tickets because people are not coming out to shows like they used to.  The other issue is there are less and less venues to really get in to making things tight. 

Rick/AR: Outside of music, what do the guys in the band do for kicks? 

JR/SS: I personally like playing basketball and watching the Celtics. I am also a huge video game fan and love to read graphic novels. Music comes before any of these unless I have some free time.

Rick/AR: Where is the best place for fans to pick up your music?

JR/SS: At the moment iTunes, but be sure to check out our online store which is coming very soon!

Rick/AR: Jeremy, it has been a great talking with you. Keep it loud and proud!

JR/SS: Thanks Rick, it means a lot for you to have me and keep doing your thing man!

– Rick Lindner, Alternative Revolt Magazine

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