Interview: Bexley

With the overflow of new music and listeners short attention spans, how do you make a first impression? For Seattle/Los Angeles based newcomer Bexley, you come out of the gates swinging for the fences. After releasing her debut single “Run Rabbit Run” in October, the 22 year old rock goddess is off and running at an impressive pace. She was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to us about her new single/video for “Run Rabbit Run”, her music upbringing and influences, and her new EP Lost In The Moment that will be released January 18, 2019.

Alt Revolt: Congrats on the release of your new single “Run Rabbit Run”! Have you been surprised by the reaction?

Bexley: Thanks! I have been a little surprised by the streams on Spotify. It is really cool to have that picked up really quickly. We got into a really good playlist and it is cool watching it grow.

Alt Revolt: Can you talk a little bit about how you came up with your name?

Bexley: My name actually came from my dads side of the family. The are English and from Bexleyheath, UK. I was there last year and I saw a garbage can that said “Bexley” and I liked the font and how it looked. After that I decided to use “Bexley”.

Alt Revolt: How did you get started as a performer/songwriter? Did you grow up influenced by musicians in your family? 

Bexley: My great grandpa was a performer. He played guitar and owned a music store. His grandson was also a performer. I would say nobody in my immediate family. When I turned 13,  I got into rock music.  That is when I picked up a guitar. I did not want to sing along to karaoke tracks so I learned how to play guitar. I was excited to sing over something that was real. 

Alt Revolt: Did you have any friends that were musicians that you could play along with?

Bexley: I was by myself at first then I started meeting other musicians. My parents encouraged me to meet other musicians. I eventually met other people and formed bands that played in Seattle and surrounding cities. 

Alt Revolt: How did you discover rock music? 

Bexley: My dad always played The Beatles and Led Zeppelin for me. It was engrained in me. He played me Alice In Chains when I was 13 and I fell in love with them. And it was a downward spiral from there. 

Alt Revolt: Are you influenced by music from current musicians living in Seattle or more from the past?

Bexley: I would say it is mostly from the past. I was influenced like most from the grunge movement. Alice in Chains brought me into it all and Chris Cornell was my hero. There were so many amazing vocalists that came out of Seattle. 

Alt Revolt: Did you record your new EP Lost In The Moment in Seattle or another city?

Bexley: I actually recorded it in Las Angeles. I moved down here a couple of years ago. I met a songwriter and we wrote this EP together. It will be released on January 18. 

Alt Revolt: Can you talk a little about the songs on your new EP?

Bexley: Yes. There are five songs including the single “Run Rabbit Run”. They all have their own separate meaning.  Each song tackles a different topic. There is one about toxic relationships. There is one about the chaos of the world. I also have one about not handling life and walking away from it all. I cover a lot of different topics. 

Alt Revolt: Can you talk about who helped you co-write the EP?

Bexley: Yes. His name is Aaron Edwards and he also helped me produce it. I would come to him with ideas and we would expand on them together. It was a really good relationship. He is also from Seattle. 

Alt Revolt: What kind of tour plans do you have when the EP is released in January? 

Bexley: Yes. Once the EP is released we will be touring. We hope to catch onto as many tours as possible.

Alt Revolt: How was the experience of making the video for “Run Rabbit Run”?

Bexley: It was awesome! It was actually a whimsical experience. I was up in Canada visiting my guitar players family. We happened to have his old bandmates around and where jamming on the song. We liked it so much we decided to shoot a music video for it. It was recorded in the middle of the forest and it looks really cool. One of his other friends is a videographer and it all just came together. I think we completed it in two hours. 

Alt Revolt: Are you active on social media as you grow your fans? 

Bexley: Yes. I enjoy it and it is a different world. I enjoy being on the internet and talking to people one on one. I like it when a fan comments on a photo and I can respond right back. I like it because it is personal. 

Alt Revolt: Thanks for taking the time to chat with AR. Good luck to you and we look forward to hearing your EP and catching you on tour in 2019. 

Bexley: Thanks for talking to me!

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