Interview: Another Day Dawns – Dakota Sean

Now is the time for the band from Lehighton, Pennsylvania called Another Day Dawns (ADD) to go to the next level nationwide. With a sound built on a modern era razorblade and sprinkled with that classic early heavy grunge sound; this PA quartet composing of Dakota Sean (Lead Vocals), Tyler Ritter: (Guitar) Jerome Betz (Bass), and Nick McGeehan (Drums)has a recipe written for success. Add to that recipe their non-stop work-ethic and winning attitude, it is just a matter of time before Another Day Dawns name is a household word.

Alt Revolt had the opportunity to chat with Dakota Sean on the cusp of the band’s first national tour that takes them on the road with Adelitas Way, Blacklite District, and Talking Dawn throughout the West and Midwest over the next several months. This looks to be just the springboard for large-scale success right around the corner for ADD.

Alt Revolt: Dakota, from one rock brother in the Upper Plains of South Dakota to his rock brother in Northeastern Pennsylvania, how are you doing?

Dakota: I’m doing well man, thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Alt Revolt: The beauty of rock n roll, it doesn’t matter where you are now or where you come from, binds a common thread to all who feel it.

Dakota: True, so true.

Alt Revolt: The past few months have been moving at the speed of sound in Another Day Dawns’ camp. You released your current single “Taste of Heaven” to Active Rock Radio stations including SiriusXM Octane nationwide as well as producing a killer video for it closing in on 90k views in just a few short weeks. Both are doing quite well and a great way to kick-off the new Stranger EP release that dropped January 31.

Dakota: Yeah, we are pushing everything and with the video we are hoping to hit 100k here by the end of this month. If we can, that would be crazy. People are checking the video out and it’s spreading like wildfire. It’s also great to see guys higher up like in the Breaking Benjamin camp sharing it, it’s crazy.

Alt Revolt: What is the driving force behind the surge in viewing volume so quick as well as the radio play ads? Is it your management or more organic in nature?

Dakota: A little bit from both. Our manager John (900 Management) has the pulse for the radio which really helps us out. We have a good-sized organic following here in PA (Pennsylvania) which is great and that definitely helps push that train as well. Thanks to touring and getting out we are adding some diehard fans from all over.

Alt Revolt: ADD has been busy on the recording front the past 365. You also released another EP titled A Different Life back in February. What is driving the band’s productivity on that front this past year?

Dakota: We have a lot of big names behind us so there is no point in sitting around and waiting for things to get done. We’d rather get up and get things done ourselves. Just keep pushing out the material as fans were demanding some songs and we want to give them what they want. We plan to push out a couple more music videos here for some of the new stuff. We are also writing even more stuff so we are managing to stay busy (laughs). Our manager John also plans to keep us out on the road. We are going out now for about two months with Adelitas Way (Blacklite District and Taking Dawn also on the bill) and it’s going to be great.

Alt Revolt: What was the thought process behind releasing them both the same calendar year verses one full-length album?

Dakota: The first EP was meant to get our names out there and give people a little snippet about what we were about rather than force-feeding all the music down their throats right away.  We wanted to throw four or five songs at them and see how the public reacted. On the newest EP which is even bigger we got help from Aaron (Bruch) from Breaking Benjamin on the bass. We even had songwriting from Desmond Child which is great. So, it’s all kind of coming together now so everyone is trying to kick it in full gear as we can see where it’s starting to come full-circle.

Alt Revolt: Well, speaking of Desmond Child. That provides me with this impromptu question as a result. The band KISS is the entire reason I became a rock fan to begin with and obviously Desmond Child worked with them extensively over the years. How did you enlist his assistance?

Dakota: We did a local contest around here called “Next to Rock” which is where we met our manager also. One of the dads at the time entered us. So, each region plays and battles local bands. If people like you enough you move up to the finales which are in Los Angeles. We won our region and then we got picked by the judges which was Gavin Rossdale from Bush, the guitar player from the Sex Pistols, Desmond Child and John was one of the judges. We didn’t win unfortunately, but we got flown out to L.A. and it was a crazy experience. Desmond told us whether we won or lost he wanted to work with us. So, we got in touch with him and our management flew us out there.

Alt Revolt: By doing that I believe is when you also had the opportunity to play at the famous Viper Room there?

Dakota: Yes (laughs), it was crazy. The Viper Room is one of the most historic places out there so we were pumped for that. It was cool, we got to see it, check out the vibe of the place. You’ve got us dudes from Lehighton, Pennsylvania who had never been out of PA before (laughs). It was a surreal kind of feeling.

Alt Revolt: Let’s get back to the killer new songs off the EP Stranger. The current single “Taste of Heaven” is a no-brainer selection with its’ infection beat and lyrics. Talk about that single and determination to roll with it.

Dakota: Right, we all figured this was kind of the commercial song for the radio. The other songs in our opinion were just as strong as that one, just a bit heavier. Some songs are built for the CD and heavier format and “Taste of Heaven” is the catchiest one of them all.

Alt Revolt: Is the plan to continue to push and work that song as the single or is there plans of a follow-up during that stretch of tour dates?

Dakota: We want to get those two additional videos done from this EP and we are going to start working on the one coming up this weekend. We will start posting teasers now. The fans are asking for more, so we will keep pushing.

Alt Revolt: Talk more about the up-coming tour in which you will be support for Adelitas Way (also featuring Blacklite District & Taking Dawn) that rolls throughout the West and Midwest late March through April.

Dakota: It’s a great feeling with people starting to recognize us out there and coming up to the booth as they are checking us out, it’s cool. This is the first time we are going to be in those markets. So far on Facebook it looks like we are getting a lot of love in the Dakotas, Minnesota and so on. We are going to try to also do some radio shows in the mornings in some of those markets. We are looking forward to it and it should be a lot of fun. We are ready for that first date in Colorado and to just go out there. We’ve always wanted to go out that way, see those places, the mountains and so on.

Alt Revolt: With it being that first chance to get out there as well as to make those invaluable first impressions on new fans, have you been working on the live set gearing up to it more than normal band practice?

Dakota: Yes, we have put a lot of energy and a lot of passion working towards these tour dates. Especially with going out there and some of the fans not knowing who we are “yet”. We want to go out there and make a statement, not just going out there blindfolded. Some people will go to shows, maybe had decided to look up our music and see us so we want to make a great first impression. It’s big for us.

Alt Revolt: With those two additional videos in the works, is it safe to assume there is more touring planned in 2020 beyond the March/April run with Adelitas Way?

Dakota: We are going to pretty much stay out touring through the summer. It will be a lot of wear and tear on us, but we are excited. It’s what we’ve been warming up for and wanting to do our whole lives. We are ready to see what happens. We are going to be making some pretty big announcements coming up soon. I can’t give anything away right now, just keep checking our Facebook and everything.

Alt Revolt: If you could put together your perfect dream tour package right now for ADD to go out with who would it be?

Dakota: I’d love to go out with Pearl Jam. We’ve already played with STP (Stone Temple Pilots) and that was on my bucket list.

Alt Revolt: Dakota, this has been a fun and insightful conversation. Thanks so much and I’ll see you on the road March 29 in Sioux Falls! Safe travels brother.

Dakota: Awesome dude and thank you for taking the time out for me brother. I appreciate you and Alternative Revolt.

Interview by Rick Lindner for Alternative Revolt

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Dakota Sean (vocals)

Tyler Ritter (guitar)

Jerome Betz (bass)

Nick McGeehan (drums)