I Prevail Releases New Song “Paranoid”

I PREVAIL has released their third song “Paranoid” from their upcoming second full-length album ‘Trauma’ which will be out on March 29 via Fearless Records.

The Michigan quartet is composed of  Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (harsh vocals), Steve Menoian (lead guitar) and Dylan Bowman(rhythm guitar).

“Trauma” Tracklist:

1. “Bow Down”
2. “Paranoid”
3. “Every Time You Leave” (feat. Delaney Jane)
4. “Rise Above It” (feat. Justin Stone)
5. “Breaking Down”
6. “DOA”
7. “Gasoline”
8. “Hurricane”
9. “Let Me Be Sad”
10. “Low”
11. “Goodbye” (interlude)
12. “Deadweight”
13. “I Don’t Belong Here”