I Prevail Announces New Album “Trauma”

I PREVAIL has announced they are releasing their its second full-length album “Trauma” on March 29 via Fearless Records.

Lead vocalist Brain Burkheiser recently has been dealing with a vocal injury that jeopardized his future. He said on social media: “After my vocal injury, I almost gave up and left my band. I was in the worst mental state of my life and felt like everything we worked for was over,”.  “Early last year though, I told myself that if we were going to get back and write another record it needed to be done OUR WAY. No label telling us who to work with, or what our music should sound like. No negativity coming in from outside sources. No cookie cutter BS.”

The Michigan quartet is composed of  Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (harsh vocals), Steve Menoian (lead guitar) and Dylan Bowman(rhythm guitar).

“Trauma” Tracklist:

1. “Bow Down”
2. “Paranoid”
3. “Every Time You Leave” (feat. Delaney Jane)
4. “Rise Above It” (feat. Justin Stone)
5. “Breaking Down”
6. “DOA”
7. “Gasoline”
8. “Hurricane”
9. “Let Me Be Sad”
10. “Low”
11. “Goodbye” (interlude)
12. “Deadweight”
13. “I Don’t Belong Here”