Huey Lewis Discuss Hearing Loss

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Huey Lewis had to cancel his 2018 concerts last April after he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.  Hues sat down with the San Francisco Chronicle and talked about his hearing struggles.

“I don’t miss the road at all, the plane trips, but I do miss my guys,” Lewis said. “The camaraderie, the fun we have and the laughs – yeah, that’s what I miss. And the actual live performing, which I loved to do. When you’re having a great gig, when it really sounds good and everybody is on the money, you’re in the pocket, the song sings itself. It’s the most fun thing in the world, it really is.”

Maniere’s disease has no known cure or cause, and no treatment for it. He rates his hearing every day; at his worst, every sound is distorted “like listening to everything through a blown speaker,” he said.

Lewis also has tinnitus. “For the first two months I was like suicidal,” he recalled. “Really, it can drive you absolutely crazy. After two months of wanting to blow my brains out and not being able to hear anything, I had to figure something out.”

Lewis  signed a new record deal for the first Huey Lewis and the News album in a decade, and the first featuring all-new songs in 18 years. The album includes material written and recorded over the past 10 years. The album is due to come out this spring.

Lewis said he sings every day, just to keep his voice in shape. “I haven’t given up,” he said. “I have not given up.”