Hollywood Vampires Releases New Video For Cover Of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

alice cooper
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Hollywood Vampires have a new video for their cover version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”. The song features Johnny Depp on lead vocals. and was recorded at  Hansa Studios which is the same place where Bowie wrote the original in 1977.

“Heroes” is featured on HV’ second album, “Rise”, which will be released on June 21 on earMUSIC.

“Rise” track listing:

01. I Want My Now
02. Good People Are Hard To Find
03. Who’s Laughing Now
04. How The Glass Fell
05. The Boogieman Surprise
06. Welcome to Bushwackers (feat. Jeff Beck + John Waters)
07. The Wrong Bandage
08. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
09. Git From Round Me
10. Heroes
11. A Pitiful Beauty
12. New Threat
13. Mr. Spider
14. We Gotta Rise
15. People Who Died
16. Congratulations