Halestorm Puts Finishing Touches On New Album

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Good news for Halestorm fans, as the band is nearly finished with their fourth album, as they look to put the finishing touches on the production. With a release date set for sometime in mid-2018, it won’t be long before fans can get their needs met with some brand new Halestorm music.

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, the band brought on producer Nick Raskulinecz, famously known for his producing efforts with heavy hitters in the rock world, including the likes of Rush, Korn, Alice In Chains, and Deftones.

“We only have, like, two weeks left on it — just some vocals and candy stuff,” said guitarist Joe Hottinger. Prior to completely finishing the album, the band will be on the road for a short stint of tour dates with Stone Sour. From there, it’s just a matter of time before the album is a wrap.

“We went in last January with Nick, and we were, like, ‘We don’t know what to do. We don’t have any songs or anything.’ And he’s, like, ‘It’s cool. It’s cool.’ That’s his forte,” Hottinger added. “He did it with Korn, he did it with Rise Against, on their new one, he did it with Deftones. This is what he does. He was, like, ‘When was the last time the four of you got in a room and wrote together?’ And we were, like, ‘Wow, it’s been a while.’ And he was, like, ‘Let’s start there.’ And we were, like, ‘Okay.’ So we would get a riff and we’d just start jamming, and he’d pop in [and go], ‘That was cool. Do that again.’ And we were, like, ‘Okay.’ And [we’d] just start building songs from nowhere. It was great.”

I think it’s gonna be the first time that you can actually hear what everybody brings to the table in our band instead of it just being kind of, like, ‘Oh, okay, Lzzy sings and there’s something going on in the background,'” said singer Lzzy Hale. “Especially considering my little brother [Arejay Hale] as a drummer. Nick is like the drum whisperer. He just loves him, and he’s such a drum nerd. He did the last two RUSH records, and he just brought some stuff out of Arejay that we were all in the control room, like, ‘How did you get him to do that?’ It takes a lot to surprise us with little bro, ’cause we know him so well. He’s at a whole other level and he finally has a producer that has the patience and the… I don’t know… I wanna say the psychological [laughs]… how to bring that out of him.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/