Guns N’ Roses Set To Play The Largest Concert Ever To Be Held In Iceland

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

It’s not good enough that Guns N’ Roses had to make history by announcing a giant reunion tour in 2016. It’s also not good enough that the band had made the most number of ticket sales as a result of their mega stature and success as a result. Now, Guns N’ Roses are continuing to make big things even bigger, with a new concert that is set to take place in Iceland.

While it’s not only special that Guns N’ Roses will be performing in Iceland, the band is looking to make history of a different stature, with playing the biggest concert ever to be held in the country.

The concert will be held in Reykjavik this Summer, the Laugardalsvöllur football stadium on July 24th. The same individuals who put on the Secret Solstice festival in Iceland will also be behind the massive concert, which will take a week to prepare. A long line of renovations will be included in getting the show together, including making a special floor to protect the grass, a long stream of big screen televisions for all fans to witness, and thirty-five containers, which will ship equipment to Iceland along with 150 staff to help accompany the band.

Tickets for the massive show will begin going on sale on May 1st, and start at 18,900 ISK. It’s not everyday one gets to witness an event of this magnitude, but when in Iceland, you better go big, or go home.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/