Godsmack And Shinedown “Rise As Legends” In Denver


If you were looking for an explosive tour package to experience this summer, the Godsmack and Shinedown co-headline show is at the top of many lists. Having just started a week ago, it made a stop at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO Tuesday night.

New Zealand born Like A Storm took the stage first and successfully ignited the energy of the crowd.  The band consists of lead vocalist Chris Brooks and backed by his brothers Matt (guitars) and Kent (bass). If you have seen Like A Storm before you know Chris takes the stage first playing his didgeridoo instrument before erupting into their set. The band delivered a heavy and dynamic array highlighting a couple new songs “Pure Evil” and first single “The Devil Inside” from their recently released Catacombs album this summer.

After the white stage curtain dropped, Shinedown shot onstage as if they were unleashed from a cannon. The band fronted by vocalist Brent Smith, Zach Myers (guitar), Eric Bass (bass), and Barry Kerch (drums) erupted into the uptempo opener “Sound Of Madness” as fans cheered and jumped up to their feet.  There was never a dull moment visually as all of them jetted back and forth as lasers, explosions, and pyro blended beautifully with their performances. Having just released a new album Attention Attention, it was no surprise that treated their fans to a few of those new songs including “Black Soul”, “Devil”, and “Get Up”. In a cool moment Brent Smith encouraged the audience to meet their arena neighbors and shake hands and introduce themselves. Finishing up the band played an emotional version of the mega hit “Second Chance” followed by a solid cover of  “Simple Man” from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Godsmack would close out the night matching the previous bands intensity and energy from start to finish. The hard rock titians are led by vocalist Sully Erna and backed by Tony Rombola (guitars), Robbie Merrill (bass), and Shannon Larkin (drums). They stormed the stage ripping into the the title song from their newly released album When Legends Rise. Not to be undone, they brought out their own blend of pyro and explosions which were triggered during certain points during the songs. Godsmack would also perform a few new songs including “Bulletproof”, “Someday”, and “Unforgettable”. Fans of their iconic debut album twenty years ago would be satisfied as they got to hear the classics “Keep Away”, “Voodoo”, and “Whatever”. The big highlight of the night was when Erna and Larkin dueled each other in a drum off. A second drum set was brought out as they each took turns drumming back and forth as drumsticks whipped back and forth between them.

Both Shinedown and Godmack could easily headline two hour shows on their own each night. The negative is that in this package the sets get cut shorter but the positive is they both come out and give their fans full amazing spectacles always leaving begging for more the next time they come around.

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger