Glenn Tipton Comments On His Future With Judas Priest

There was a glimmer of light that shined brightly earlier this week, as Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton had joined the band onstage during one of their shows in New Jersey. It certainly didn’t take long for Tipton to find his way back up on stage with Judas Priest after announcing he was stepping away due to Parkinson’s Disease.

With things looking good for just a split second, many wonder what the future may hold for Tipton as he moves forward with Judas Priest. Of course, many of the fans want to know what his plans are with the band, and when we can hopefully see him back in full swing. The band recently spoke out with these matters included during an interview with David Fricke on SiriusXM Volume.

“It’s a question that I can’t really answer,” said Tipton. “I’m gonna see how things go. Medication is improving. Each day is different for me — some days, it’s worse; some days, it’s better. But I didn’t wanna compromise the best heavy metal band in the world. So, to be on the safe side, Andy is in there now, and what will be will be. And that’s all I can say. But I love this band; it’s been my life. And maybe I’ll do some more writing and recording — maybe even some more touring. It’s an unanswerable question, really. It’s in the lap of the metal gods.”

“You’ve gotta be a fighter,” said Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. “It takes me forever to get out of bed. My fucking back! But you do. You do whatever you’ve got to do. It’s like anything in life. When you have the thrill and the pleasure to do something that means so much, you’ll do whatever you’ve gotta do to get to that next gig and play that next song. You don’t really think about it. And Glenn was humble enough to say, with the challenges that he’s going through, he says there are people that are in a much more difficult place than where Glenn is. And that’s just the right philosophy to have. There’s always someone that’s dealing with a bigger challenge than you are. You’ve gotta have perspective. You’ve gotta find the balance and the harmony.”

“If anyone’s going through anything, if you look at people like Glenn, like Tony [Iommi, who was diagnosed with cancer in late 2011], if you’re thinking, ‘I don’t wanna get in a van,’ or, ‘It’s too cold,’ and you look at these guys, 50 years later, doing what they’re doing with the challenges they’re facing, it separates the men from the boys. So hats off to ’em — they’re heroes,” said guitarist Richie Faulkner.

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