Glenn Hughes Reflects On The Time He Fronted Black Sabbath

With a great band comes great responsibility. Some of the best that have come along in the heavy metal world have come through the Black Sabbath camp, including the likes of bassist Glenn Hughes, who had once found himself being the frontman for the band back in the mid-1980’s.

In a recent interview, Hughes reflected back on those days, in which he found himself truly playing with the big boys, filling in shoes that perhaps couldn’t be filled previously by the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio.

“It was a little different, because number one, some of those songs were not written for me, kind of, to sing in the way I sing,” Hughes explained. “It was a very dramatic change for me to be in a band that had this huge fan base of really cult, kind of, you know, metal kind of, dark, kind of image. Let’s be clear, because Ozzy [Osbourne], Geezer [Butler], Tony [Iommi] and Bill Ward, like, were all my family — we all grew up together, so I know these guys personally, but their catalog is very dark and sinister, but they’re not, you know. And for me to wear that cloak and dagger, mystery thing, was a little bit strange for me.”

“I really did enjoy making ‘Seventh Star’, and I made another album called ‘DEP Sessions’ with Tony, and [then] we did ‘Fused’, so I’ve done three records with Tony. But it was a little bit different for me singing in Black Sabbath. It wasn’t quite who I am. I’ve always liked a challenge, you know — I always like a challenge — but I think Ozzy’s voice, and Ronnie Dio’s voice, is perfect for that band, although I did enjoy working with those guys.”

Hughes has certainly come a long way since then, with his highest point of course gaining fame through Deep Purple. Nowadays, the show must go on as Hughes finds himself once again in Black Country Communion, a band quite different from Black Sabbath, but still packing the same punch. The band is in the midst of releasing their fourth album, with no end in sight for Hughes who has certainly had quite a glorious life in the rock world.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/