Gene Simmons Honors Chuck Berry at First Solo Show

Gene Simmons
KISS Online

It was a depressing Saturday this past weekend as guitar legend Chuck Berry passed away. The guitarist was an inspiration to so many legendary rock bands that followed him. One of which was of course, KISS, who had taken the world by storm thanks to Berry and his inspirational talents.

KISS bassist Gene Simmons was certainly saddened in his own right by the heart breaking news, paying tribute to the guitarist during his first ever live solo performance. Simmons’ band included the likes of guitarists Phil Souse and Ryan Cook, bassist Jeremy Asbrock, and drummer Jarred Pope, as they all came together to perform a cover of “Johnny B Goode,” one of Berry’s most legendary hits.

The performance was the first of five scheduled shows that Simmons’ is set to perform in conjunction with a line of Comic Con appearances he is set to take part in throughout the country. With so many heartfelt tributes going out to the great Chuck Berry, this certainly makes the list of many to remember one of the greats to ever live.

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