Garbage Set To Release 20th Anniversary Of “Version 2.0”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Alternative rockers Garbage will mark the 20th anniversary of their acclaimed second LP, Version 2.0, with a new reissue out June 22nd via Stunvolume/PIAS. The package will be available in digital format and on both standard and deluxe vinyl.

The package will include 10 B-sides from the era, including the raucous “Lick the Pavement,” which the alt-rock band released today as a standalone track. “I’ll learn to bribe; I’ll learn to say please,” Shirley Manson snarls over a distorted guitar riff and clattering electronics. “Oh, won’t you lick the pavement for me?”

In a statement about the reissue, Manson labeled Version 2.0 as “the quintessential Garbage record.” Butch Vig, the band’s drummer-producer, echoed that sentiment, describing the LP as “indeed, possibly our best album.”

“[It’s] is the sound of a band growing up, evolving, and more than anything, gaining confidence,” Vig said of Version 2.0, which features some of the band’s best-known singles including “Push It,” “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Special.”

“When we started recording, we made a conscious decision to not re-invent ourselves,” Vig continued, “but rather take everything we learned from our debut album and filter it through the new digital technology we were grappling with. Sonically, the album has moments of razor sharp clarity and soft beauty.”

Version 2.0 Track List

1. “Temptation Waits”
2. “I Think I’m Paranoid”
3. “When I Grow Up”
4. “Medication”
5. “Special”
6. “Hammering in My Head”
7. “Push It”
8. “The Trick Is to Keep Breathing”
9. “Dumb”
10. “Sleep Together”
11. “Wicked Ways”
12. “You Look So Fine”


1. “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine”
2. “13x Forever”
3. “Deadwood”
4. “Get Busy With The Fizzy”
5. “Soldier Through This”
6. “Thirteen”
7. “Lick The Pavement”
8. “Medication” (Acoustic)
9. “Tornado”
10. “Afterglow”