Frank Hannon Releases Video For Cover Of Deep Purple’s “Hush”

Tesla’s Frank Hannon has released the official music video for his cover of Deep Purple’s “Hush”.

“This volume is definitely a step up for me as an artist,” declares Hannon. “I chose to sing some of my favorite songs from very different genres ranging from Aerosmith, Chaka Khan, Black Sabbath to Seal. I am proud of ‘Volume 1’ but ‘Volume 2’ came out a lot edgier and with some heavier tones.”

While “Volume 1” was more roots and acoustic focused, “From One Place… To Another Vol. 2” is all electric with full backing band, recorded in various locations with a portable recorder and eventually assembled back in Hannon’s home studio.

“As it turns out, singing is becoming a lot of fun for me,” Hannon admits. “I’ve left the smoking guitar duties to some very special guests including the Jimi Hendrix tribute master Randy Hansen, Heart founder Roger Fisher, Jared James Nichols, as well as other guest artists who contributed flavors.”