Frances Bean Cobain Loses Kurt’s Guitar In Divorce Settlement

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Frances Bean Cobain has reached a settlement over the division of property in her divorce from ex-husband Isaiah Silva. TMZ reported that Silva has won ownership of the famous guitar that Frances’s father, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, played on the band’s classic episode of “MTV Unplugged”.

The rightful owner of the guitar has been a major point of contention throughout the two years of divorce proceedings. Silva claimed that Frances gave the 1959 Martin D-18E to him as a present, while Frances denied ever gifting the instrument to him.

The guitar is estimated to be worth millions of dollars and is said to be only one of 300 made at the time. It is also supposedly the last one Kurt played before his passing and was reportedly meant to stay within the family.

Although Frances’s mother, Courtney Love, told TMZ a while back that the guitar was “not (Silva’s) to take,” Frances reportedly “wants to move on” and was finally willing to give up the instrument just to get the divorce proceedings over with.