Former KISS Drummer Peter Criss Plans Final Live Performance

Michael Cavacini

Over the year, legends have been made. Legendary bands and musicians alike have become rather immortals in their own right. One of which is none other than KISS, who have garnered immortal fame throughout their 40+ year career. Among them is original drummer Peter Criss, who is having a heart to heart with himself, stepping away from the spotlight, and announcing his final live performance.

Criss hasn’t been a member of KISS since the 1980’s, but has plans to attend a couple of KISS related gatherings. From this, Criss still maintains the spirit of KISS, but feels it’s time to break away for good after all these years.

Criss will be attending the KISS Konvention Australia in Victoria, which has now been dubbed to be his final performance in Australia. Tickets are on sale now for this event, which will take place from May 12-14. From there, Criss will attend the New York KISS Expo from June 9-11, which will include a meet & greet with Criss.

The final nail in the coffin will consist of a VIP dinner and performance event on June 16, which is being framed as his last performance in the U.S. This is a rather sad tail of events that has occurred, as the world has loved Criss from the start of KISS, and to see him calling it quits all together will take a long time to process.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/