Foo Fighters Are ‘Concrete And Gold’ In Denver

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The Foo Fighters have busy touring the world and just celebrated the first anniversary of their recent release, Concrete And Gold. The fans of Colorado and especially the ones that gathered at the Pepsi Center on Wednesday, were reminded that the arena-rock show is alive and as strong as ever.

The set opened furiously as with “Run,” the first of four songs in a row from their new album, Concrete and Gold.  Next was “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”, followed up with “La Dee Da”, and a drum solo from Tayor Hawkins suspended feet above the stage. Dave Grohl and his bandmates proceeded to move its way back through their twenty five year old catalog in descending order. After a brief pause Grohl pumps up the packed crowd, “It’s gonna be a long night, mother (expletives)”.

After flying through hits “Walk”, These Days”, and “Learn To Fly” plus running from one edge of the stage to the other, Grohl would finally stop and address the audience as he caught his breath. In one of the more creative band introductions have seen in a while, Grohl turned first to guitarist Chris Shiflett who did a brief guitar solo in which turned into a joke because it was so short. Next up was bassist Nate Mendel who took the spotlight and threw down some Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. Third was guitarist Pat Smear who led the band in a short version of “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones. Last to be introduced was keyboard player Rami Jaffee. Jaffee started a brilliant mashup beginning with the piano from John Lennon’s “Imagine” as Grohl told a story about how one song can bring people together encouraging the crowd to sing this song they all knew which ended up being Van Halen’s “Jump”.

“Do you know why I’m here?” Grohl said.  “Because I love rock-and-roll.” Grohl always brings the energy and passion to every performance. At the end of the night Grohl leaves the stage dripping wet as fans fead off the contagious atmosphere left behind screaming for more rock-and-roll.

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger