Five Finger Death Punch Give Fans “Justice” At Red Rocks


It’s been a pretty good week for Five Finger Death Punch. The band’s seventh studio album, And Justice for None, landed a high slot on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. They just put the wraps on a successful
co-headlining tour with Shinedown. And if that wasn’t enough, a stop at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Tuesday night surely didn’t hurt things. Especially considering the fact that every seat
in the place was full.

Playing a show at the iconic mountain amphitheater is the realization of a dream for many bands. But for lead singer Ivan Moody, who was born in Colorado, the evening may have been particularly poignant.  If shout-outs and interaction with the fans was any indication, the moment wasn’t lost on the frontman. Of the rest of the band for that matter. Looks of excitement and gratitude appeared across their faces as they proceeded to tear the place up, heavy metal style.

The hard-hitting anthem, “Lift Me Up,” started the night off.  Followed by a set that included a mix of songs off various albums, some covers and even a few acoustic numbers. Several highlights from the evening included “Wash it All Away,” “Jekyll and Hyde,” “Wrong Side of Heaven” and “The Bleeding.”

Photos and review by Tina Hagerling