First Ever Loudwire Awards Ceremony To Take Place In October


In today’s day in age, there simply aren’t enough awards shows that truly highlight the significance of rock and heavy metal music quite like it should. Fear not, as the Loudwire Music Awards are coming to life this October with an inaugural awards ceremony and live concert.

Hosted by former WWE superstar and Fozzy singer Chris Jericho, the event is sure to be spectacle that will put other award shows like the Grammy’s and the Billboard music awards out of business. With the awards show calling the Novo Theater in Los Angeles home on October 24th, metalheads everywhere are encouraged to come and help make sure the event makes a good first impression for future shows to come.

“I’m so stoked to reclaim my crown as the greatest rock ‘n’ roll awards show host of all time,” says Jericho. “The Loudwire Music Awards is gonna be the biggest awards show in American heavy metal history, with the biggest bands, biggest performances, biggest trophies and the biggest bar tabs since Lemmy left this mortal coil! So all you Earthdogs, Hellrats and Rivetheads get ready to rock out as we paint the town none more black on Oct. 24, 2017!”

The show is still in its beginning stages, which is why the list of nominees have not been announced yet. One thing is certain though in that Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi will receive the Courage Award. While being a metal legend in his own right, Iommi has also had his own battles outside of the studio and the stage, battling against lymphoma these past few years.

“Of all the funny things that I’ve done in my life — this was another one. I was asked if I would do a mold of my hand so that they could make it into an award … I was very honored,” says Iommi. “I was asked to put my arm into this big bucket full of this colored gel, all was going fine until it set and then I found that I couldn’t get my arm back out! My hand started to cramp up and I thought oh no what now? Anyway, after a considerable amount of pulling and twisting it eventually came out and the cast looked amazing, so much detail, I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished award. Thanks Loudwire, what’s next?”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/