Into the Fire with In Flames

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1) tell us about the new record, what influenced the writing and how was the recording process for this record different than other albums?
-The new record represents what In Flames are, 2014. The album was actually record way faster than the previous album, Sounds of a Playground Fading. That album took about 4 months to finish, while as Siren Charms took only 6 weeks. But even if this album was completed faster than the previous, this album was way more intense and focused to record.

2) you have used session workers before on previous albums, can you tell us a little bit about that experience as far as recording and working with the musicians?
-In the past we’ve added some extra „flavors“ to the mix. We’ve done so because we felt like it was needed to present the songs the way they were supposed to be. We always worked with good and talented people that we enjoy hanging out with, and will continue to do so for many years ahead.

3) over the years you have shared the stage with many bands, who were some of the bands you were honoured to play with and why?
-All bands have been an honor to share stages with. We consider them our colleges and some even very good friends. Some of the most memorable times and bands would be performing with Iron Maiden & Metallica a few years ago. Also Mastodon guys are always awesome to tour with.

4) who are some of the bands that influenced you and what is it about these bands that you love?
-Tons and tons and TONS of bands influenced us. Everything from Depeche Mode to Death to Dio. We usually get influenced by life in general when we write music, but also of course when we hear a great album.

5) when on tour what are some venues/cities that you really enjoy playing and why?
-We love touring the US & Scandinavia, but REALLY enjoy playing in Australia and Japan as well. But all and all, I have to say 99 out of a 100 shows we do and venues we play are really good. Our Jesterheads is a loyal bunch and they always give 110%.

6) you guys are very loyal to your fans as they are loyal to you, how does it make you feel when you see someone with a tattoo of your logo or lyrics?
-It’s very flattering and we feel extremely honored. It’s crazy that they enjoy us so much they want to brand themselves for life with our works.

7) Jesper left the band in 2010 to work out his demons do you guys still remain in contact?
-We do, and we still care about him very much. Jesper is an essentail part of In Flames history, and he will never be forgotten.

8) what are some of the funniest moments while on tour that you can remember and can you tell us a little bit about them?
-The funniest moments are the ones we really cant (or perhaps shouldnt?) talk about…One day, maybe.

9) what was it like recording your DVD and were you pleased with the results?
-It was a fantastic experience. We recorded it in our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden in front a sold out arena. The show was massive and went amazingly well. I think the fans will be very happy about the result, especially since it’ll be released almost 10 years after the previous DVD “Used & Abused“

10) out of all the records which one were you truly happy with the end result and why?
-Boring answer perhaps, but we are satisfied with all our albums. They are all part of the In Flames history, and each and every song was needed to get us where we are today.

11) when making music videos, how do you come up with the ideas for the video?
-It’s usually a discussion between band and the director, and what we feel would be the right interpetation of the song.

12) is it still fun playing certain songs from your first couple records or is it more of a nostalgia feeling?
-It’s different from time to time. We always try to do a mix between old/new what we enjoy/what the fans enjoy & expect etc.

13) we’re going to mix it up a bit does anyone in the band have pets and if so what are they and what are their names?
-Anders has a really cool dog that’s named after an expensive car…

14) who would be your top 5 bands that you have seen live that absolutely blew your mind and why?
Really hard question. We are fortunate enough to see and meet so many good artists & bands around the world, so to make a top 5 would be difficult. Although, without any order, great live bands would be: Mastodon, Trivium, 5FDP etc.

Catch In Flames on tour this holiday season with Opeth and Red Fang

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