Fans Can’t “Resist” Within Temptation In Denver


Dutch symphonic metal leaders Within Temptation are in the home stretch of an American tour that started in late February on the east coast and wraps up in Los Angeles in a few days. The band squeezed in town Monday night before a Colorado blizard entertaining a sold out crowd at the Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver. 

Swedish pop electro Smash Into Pieces colorfully warmed the crowd first. The band has recently released their fourth album ‘Evolver’ and lifted up the energy of the crowd led by the LED masked drummer “The Apocalypse DJ” bringing their stage characters to life performing hits “Let Me Be Your Superhero” and “The Game (Womanizer)”.   

Heavy metal pioneers In Flames would follow next. The Swedish 5 piece ripped through a 12 song onslaught of melodic metal led by the alternating clean and harsh signature vocals of Anders Fridén.  Right before the tour the band had to bring in Colorado’s own Chris Broderick (Megadeth) who filled in nicely for guitarist Niclas Engelin. The crowd screamed and sang along as they incorporated three new songs “Voices”, (“This is Our) House”, and “I Am Above” from their newly released album ‘I, the Mask’.

Out of the darkness vocalist Sharon den Adel emerged on stage wearing a white robe holding a white flag bearing the band’s logo. As den Adel waved the flag, the band delved into three of the most anthemic songs “Raise Your Banner”, “The Reckoning”, and “Endless War” from their recent dark and rebellious album ‘Resist’. This was the first time I have seen the band live and they presented a flawless live performance mixed with the beautiful warm vocals from den Adel. The strongest crowd reaction came mid set as Adel performed an emotional acoustic version of “Ice Queen” then contrasted it with staples “Faster” and “Paradise (What About Us?)”. Unfortunately the stage production was scaled back a bit as to accommodate the smaller venue. There were no side LED screens and motion graphics to enhance the music as other stops of this tour. The one noticeable item onstage was a circle behind drummer Mike Coolen that animated accentuating the songs “In Vain” and personal favorite “Supernova”.

Within Temptation continues to be hugely successful international rock back. It was truly a treat to be able to see them live in America as many die hard fans continue to show love and support and never will ‘Resist’ them.