Fall Out Boy: Live


After nearly a four year hiatus from the live circuit, Fall Out Boy returned on the road with their “Save Rock n’ Roll tour”. I was not aware that Rock n Roll needed daving, but if anyone has to do it, I guess it could be these guys anyway. Go Ahead, Rock music is not going anywhere for a long time, forget that “womp womp” bassy shit. Rock n Roll is alive and well, and by that logic, last nights performance was off the hook! Twenty One Pilots however were……moving on.

Panic! At The Disco kicked ass! Nuff said. They packed their stage performance with much excitement and energy as possible, I personally have never seen so many teeny boppers cry their eyes out so badly when they took the stage. Its been a while but the new album, “Too weird to live, too rare to die” is awesome and totally worth the wait and definitely good to see them on the map again. So check them out or the the F**k out!

Fall Out Boy opened their set with ski masks. Apparently they did not do that on other city dates so I assume they thought it was appropriate because they were in the state of Colorado. Personally I thought they were going for a burglar look, but you know…tomato/potato. Suddenly it was a whole different atmosphere with the enormous monitor in the background, not that you couldnt notice, and the wide open stage for them all to jump around on. I believe jumping around and playing music is what constitutes as a fun ass punk rawk show. Dont you agree? Their latest album, “Save Rock and Roll” is a good listen, the title name is both agreeable and baffling at the same time, but nonetheless, a long and anticipated release, and highly recommended.

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