Ex-Sick Puppies Frontman Shimon Moore Releases New Video For “Crucified”

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Ex-Sick Puppies frontman Shimon Moore has a new video for “Crucified”.

Shim comments about the video, “The video portrays the dilemma that when faced with a life changing decision it won’t just change your life, it will change the person you become within it. Over the course of the last couple of years of rebuilding and reinventing myself, I had a lot of people try and dissuade me, or attempt to stop me, or attempt to Crucify me. How you handle yourself under those circumstances dictates the person you will become.”

This is who I am.

I am SHIM!

Shimon Moore will be on the road this March in support of his new solo album. Big Story and Madame Mayhem will be opening all shows.