Emigrate Releases Video For “War”

Emigrate, The “passion project” from Rammstein’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, has released a video for the song.  “War”,  The song is taken from Emigrate’s third album, “A Million Degrees”, which was released last November 30 via Spinefarm Records.

“I really want the freedom to collaborate with different people and to explore different kinds of music,” Kruspe explains, “to express myself as both a writer and a singer away from deadlines, timelines and other such restrictions. The idea is to keep experimenting and to keep challenging myself. Plus, Emigrate works in an organic way, so musicians can come and go, and it’s still okay, it’s positive…”

“I really like the energy, and the heavy, modern, Zepplin kind of groove,” he reflects, “and at one point I was taking to Serj [Tankian] from System Of A Down about fronting the track. He was excited at the idea, then a day later he called me and said that he thought the song was perfect for my voice, he didn’t really know what to add, so I left my vocals on there. I took that as a huge compliment.”