Eddie Van Halen Files Lawsuit Against Videographer For 2006 Rehearsal Footage

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Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Back in 2006, Van Halen were making a comeback, only this time around, they didn’t have a singer locked in yet. With their reunion tour just a couple of years prior to that with Sammy Hagar, Van Halen was without a singer, wondering if David Lee Roth would answer the call to reunite together for the first time in over 20 years at that point. Sure enough, the band made their way back to the big stage with Roth the following year.

Leading up to this, the three Van Halen’s in Alex, Eddie, and son Wolfgang, who was on deck to make a big splash with the band, had rehearsed twice a week in Eddie’s 5150 studio. The band rehearsed a 19 song set list each time, while also documenting the activities leading up to the tour.

Behind the camera was a man by the name of Andrew Bennett, who had filmed the Van Halen rehearsals with just one camera. Bennett was hired by the band to film the activities as a possible DVD/Video project, but Eddie himself had decided to not release the footage, claiming that he didn’t like the results.

Now, Eddie Van Halen is suing Bennett, claiming that he is trying to sell the footage without the bands permission, while Bennett on the other side of the coin is claiming he never got paid for the project.

Tabloid outlet TMZ had gotten hold of some legal documents regarding the battle with Van Halen and Bennett. Van Halen says he settled the issue with Bennett back in 2015, obtaining the rights to the video as a result. Despite that, Bennett has been trying to sell the materials on his website (5150valut.com), which has since been suspended for copyright infringement. Never the less, Bennett has made another website a similar name that contains video footage.

With news of this hitting Van Halen, he has since asked a judge to order the removal of all videos from Bennett’s website, and preventing him from selling and releasing any and all video footage.

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