Dropkick Murphys Paint The Town Green in Huntington

Dropkick Murphys got the St. Patty’s Day week started early to bring the celtic celebration and beer swigging early while on their current U.S. tour. The Boston punk rockers have been on the road since mid February sticking to the midwest/east coast and ended their stint at The Paramount in Huntington, NY before Shipping Up To Boston for their annual week long performance in their hometown.

The band will play a planned few runs at the House of Blues and the Aaganis Arena with a few other dates still in TBA. Dropkick did exactly what their name suggests, and drop kicked the hell out of a sold out Paramount during the town’s early celebration and even making an appearance at the downtown parade.

Without wasting a moment, the boys hit the stage and immediately broke into the infectious “The Boys Are Back,” followed by “Prisoner’s song.”

“It’s good to be back in civilization for Christ’s sake,” they shouted to the audience. They continued with the uptempo “Out of Our Heads” and “Going Out in Style.” Dropkick Murphys gave a shout-out to The Paramount as one of their favorite places to perform mid set before bringing out some old hits, to one song from their first EP back in 1997.

With the scene painted green, top hats and beer filled cups, St. Patrick’s Day is not too far out and there is no better way to celebrate than with a dropkick to the teeth of old school punk rock. With hit after roaring hit, the Murphys didn’t forget a second of their best stuff which included “Worker’s Song,” “Boys on the Docks,” “First Class Loser,” “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” and “Until the Next Time,” the very fitting song to close their live show.