Demons & Wizards Spellbind Denver Audience [Review + Photos]


When Demons & Wizards announced they have revived the side-project and would be releasing a new album for 2020, fans were more than excited to get tickets to their first ever North American tour. The tour made a Saturday night stop at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado with support from Lizzy Borden and Týr.

It is not often the U.S. gets to see a band from the Faroe Islands. Týr is from a remote group of 18 islands located between Iceland and Norway.  The band has been around a long time and released a new album this year titled ‘Hel’. The god of war (Norse religion) played a raging set of songs that masterfully blended folk and viking metal.

Next up was shock rocker Lizzy Borden. Borden has be around since the early eighties and has entertained audiences with his melodic heavy metal and theatrical spectacles. Borden jetted onstage dressed in a lavish bodysuit, platform boots, and a spooky three faced-mask.  He ripped into the title track “My Midnight Things” from his first new album in eleven years released in 2018.  He sounded incredible and changed many costumes and props throughout the performance that might make Lady Gaga envious. One highlight was when Borden wrapped the American flag around his body and performed a spirited version of his anthem “American Metal”. He promised and delivered the blood as it dripped from his mouth during “There Will Be Blood Tonight.”

The time had come for fans to witness Jon Schaffer and Hansi Kürsch perform together for the first time in Colorado . The band sent the crowd into a heavy metal madness opening the set with the speedy “Heaven Denies” and then right into the galloping “Poor Man’s Crusade.”  The set consisted of many power metal favorites from both of the Demons & Wizards self-titled debut album (2000) and Touched By the Crimson King (2005). Vocalist Hansi Kürsch is a very charming front man and when he addressed the audience, they were completely attentive and laughed along with his quirky stories. Along with Jon Schaffer the band was staunchly made up of Jake Dreyer (lead guitar), Marcus Siepen (bass), Frederik Ehmke (drums) and Joost Van Den Broek (keyboards). I think no one was surprised that mixed in the show were featured two songs each from the Iced Earth and Blind Guardian catalogs. One of the highlights was when Schaffer and Kürsch sat on stools and played a beautiful acoustic version of “Wicked Witch.”

After the concluding encores of the epic “Blood On My Hands” and the mystical “Fiddler On The Green, the venue was exhausted. This was a captivating night  fans of Demons & Wizards have been anticipating for decades.