Def Leppard May Play Entire Hysteria Album On U.S. Tour Next Year

Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” album may show fans some deep rooted love, as the band is open to playing the album in its entirety next year during their 2019 U.S. Tour. With 2017 being the 30th anniversary of the album, “Hysteria” has risen through the ranks as being perhaps Def Leppard’s most successful and popular album to date.

With plans for an upcoming tour with Journey, Def Leppard are connecting with old friends once again, hitting the road in high fashion as they prepare to give the fans what they want. With a laundry list of songs to choose from, there’s no question the show itself will be one worth making it out to.

Guitarist Phil Collen recently spoke out about Def Leppard’s upcoming plans, which seem to include a lot of excitement, with no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

“Something very spectacular just happened to us — we just released our whole catalog on digital. So we’ll be promoting the catalog. Before, we’ve been out there and we’ve been promoting an album or it’s been connected with something else. Now it’s actually everything. A lot of people you see [wearing] the Def Leppard t-shirts [that they got at] Forever 21, just stores… Target… wherever… and some of the people, a lot of the people, don’t really know who the bands are; they wear these shirts and it’s just a cool thing. But with the catalog being released, they can make that connection. So that’s why [we’ll use this opportunity] to promote our career, basically, instead of just, say, a new album or whatever. It’s really exciting, ’cause it’s been years since digital downloads started cutting [into physical record sales], so for us, it’s a massive deal,” said Collen.

“We’re playing [the full album in] Great Britain. And Japan, Australia and New Zealand have requested it, so at some point, we’re gonna be out there playing it. This [U.S.] tour with Journey, we’re obviously promoting the catalog, so we won’t be doing that on this one. But maybe next year. If there’s enough demand for it, then we’ll definitely do that. It’s like anything — if only, like, two people request it, then we’re not gonna do it. But if there’s an overwhelming thing [where] the promoters and the fans and everything go, ‘We definitely want you to do that,’ then we’ll definitely do it. I know next year, there are requests from European festivals, but I’ve actually got a feeling that there’s gonna be some requests in for playing ‘Hysteria’ in its entirety in the States. So, yes, we’d be up for that. It’d be great.”

“We’ve always had this thing: ‘Last man standing.’ Howard Kaufman, our manager who passed away last year, he was saying, ‘Guys, if you can just keep this going, you’re the last man standing. And you keep improving,’ which we kind of do every years; it’s not like we rest on our laurels. We actually get up there and we’re better singers, we’re better players. So we’ve always had that thing, the ‘last man standing’ thing. We’re actually gonna be there when everyone else quits; we’re still gonna be there. So for us, it actually works in our favor, I think.”

“I’ve already started the new album. Actually, I started it last year. I know Joe [Elliott, vocals] and Sav [bassist Rick Savage] have got new songs. I started writing this pretty awesome song, and I’ve already passed it on to Joe and Sav. So that’s really how we do it; we do a song at a time. Pretty much like we did [2015’s ‘Def Leppard’ album]. Instead of going, ‘Okay, we’re gonna carve out ‘X’ amount of months and sit in a studio,’ you actually start today — you start on your laptop or your phone, putting down ideas and all that stuff, and before you know it, you’ve got a finished song. And then before you know it, you’ve got two finished songs. It’s kind of what we did on the last Def Leppard album. We had a writing period, we thought we were gonna get one or two songs, and before we knew it, we had 12 songs in no time at all. And [we were like], ‘Oh my God! I guess we’d better do an album.’ So I think that’s really exciting. Instead of carving time out for that, we’ve already started the next album. So for sure, there will be something at some point.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/