David Ellefson Says Megadeth Is Working On Materials For Next Album


There’s no room to lose momentum for Megadeth after the massively successful year that the band had last year after riding the waves of their latest album, “Dystopia,” a strong run of tour dates, and a Grammy win just to add the cherry on top. With that wave of success, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson spoke out on the bands upcoming plans for another heavy set album.

“We’re starting to just compile… The process usually goes, we compile riffs, we compile some lyrics, you kind of start putting it together, we start thinking. We’ve been talking on the bus at night about the process and the location and just kind of how we’re gonna do the next album. So a lot of that. So it’s nice that we’re already thinking forward toward that. We’re gonna wrap up the tour in November, and then our intention now is to go in and start working on the record after that.”

“We have another album with Universal, so we are fortunate that we still have Universal Music Group, a very large major label, to support us on this next record, which is great.”

“I do believe crowdfunding is a way of not only the future but of the now for a lot of bands,” he continued. “I think there’s a lot of groups that, especially if they have some popularity, crowdfunding… it’s kind of a way for fans to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want you to go away, just ’cause you don’t have a record deal.’ And it’s funny: records… It’s important to create new music, but the sale of that record isn’t as important anymore as it used to be. I mean, it used to be everything — if that thing sold, you’d get to go do all these tours.

“Megadeth are, fortunately, in this position now where we have such a wide catalog of music, and we have a lot of young fans,” Ellefson added. “I really see it more in Europe and South America and Asia and throughout Russia — really, really young fans, young guys, young girls. And it’s kind of like the 1980’s all over again, and it’s great to see. In America, it’s tough — it’s not as easy over there, because there’s a lot of other things: there’s Facebook, tech giants and gamers and sports celebrities and Kardashians.

“People in America seek celebrity without substance, and that is not such a popular thing in other parts of the world where money is harder to come by. There are politics, the government, and those things have really… People struggle with those things much more, and that is really… that’s the core of heavy metal.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/