Dave Grohl Nearly Falls Off Stage During Foo Fighters Show

Foo Fighters
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

During a recent Foo Fighters show, frontman Dave Grohl was about to experience some deja vu, as he almost fell off the stage during one their shows in Florida. The singer/guitarist was performing in Jacksonville, Florida at the Welcome To Rockville festival, when Grohl found himself tripped up, nearly having a nasty spill that could have cost him a trip back to the rockstar throne he had on stage after breaking his leg in 2015.

“I almost just broke my fucking leg over there,” said Grohl to the festival crowd. “Here’s the way I look at it, when you get that close to breaking your fucking leg, that means it’s a good show.”

In some cases, it would be rather cool to see the throne back up on stage…not as a result of a serious injury, but as a cool prop to use while on stage. The “Game of Thrones” type throne made the presence of the show seem to be on another level.

“You know when you’re a kid and you’re in school, you sit in class and you draw instruments and stages and stuff like that in your notebook. It’s the exact same thing,” Grohl said. “If you see the photo, it’s like, it looks like I did it when I was in seventh grade. And it actually happened.”

Thankfully, Grohl is a-ok, and the show will of course always go on. The festival wrapped up the first leg of the Foo Fighters tour, but the band will be back on the road once again on July 6th in Maryland.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/