Danzig Live in Tampa

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt
It was an interesting night in Tampa, if you were ever part of the metal or punk scene chances are you were at the Cuban Club to see none other than Danzig. I know Danzig really doesnt need an intro but for those of you who are not familiar with his work, ill give you a quick lesson.

Danzig started a band called The Misfits, which he got name from the last Marilyn Monroe movie. The band wrote songs about horror movies and characters. After internal problems the band broke up, which lead Glenn to start another band called Samhain. Which wasn’t as punk as The Misfits however, their sound was more dark and more rock geared. I thought Sanhaim was outstanding. After that band fell apart Glenn formed another band called Danzig, which he has been doing for the past twenty five years now.

The time is roughly 6pm , if you liked punk as a kid or metal you were most likely out in Ybor City (Tampa)FL. Danzig was playing a show at thew Cuban Club and it was not to be missed. The merch was a little over priced for me, however they had some real cool designs for shirts. The crowd is a mix of older and young fans, however, the older fans seem to out weigh the young ones.  The crowd is drinking and hanging out waiting for their time to relive high school. By this I mean Danzig will play his own songs as well as do a Misfits Set with the guitarist, Doyle! The name of Danzig’s tour is “Danzig 25 years”, which is a good thing because he is playing songs from his whole career as Danzig and also playing a few Misfits jams or whatever the kids call it these days. I should ask them since they clearly were die hard fans since before birth, when the jams were sooo tasty they left claw marks inside their mothers womb.

The lights go out, fog starts to cover the stage and the song Overture of the rebel angels starts to play. A song he composed for his instrumental album entitled Black Aria. He walks out the crowd cheers and he starts off the show with Skin Carver, than goes into Hammer of the Gods followed by Twist of Cain. He now is playing songs from his early albums Danzig1, Danzig2, and Danzig3. The crowd is going nuts and the place is full of energy. He starts playing Her Black Wings which I was stoked about.  After a few more old classics, Danzig asks, “hey you guys know Doyle right”? Doyle comes out and the crowd just goes into a frenzy! I mean lets face it most of the people in the crowd have waited years, or never thought this would happen. Glenn says we are gonna do some songs now. They play Devilock, I Turned Into A Martian, and Vampira! Amazing! Along with some others.

Now ladies and germs…mostly germs, are you ready for the fun part? Because here comes the fun part! In the middle of a song, Glenn says to the crowd “Punch the mother fucker!” I guess a guy in the crowd was filming or doing photography, and as we all know, Glenn doesnt like that! You have got to capture his good side……….. if he had one. We actually found a video of the incident here. Apparently the dude who was recording this video, his name is Dave Mancini and he didn’t get kicked out of the show but people did try to punch him and his cell phone was destroyed.
By this time Doyle leaves the stage (cant blame him) and Glenn starts playing tracks from his solo career again.

As for the encore of the show, He did his hit single from Danzig 1 Mother than brought out Doyle for one more song. Die Die My Darling! that was great to hear and see live!  over all the show was good and you got to hear great songs. if this tour hits your town, check it out! Just dont film with your phone or Glenn will call you an asshole and expose you to ridicule and then smash your cell phone. Personally, if that happened to me I would find someone to take a photo of me jamming the shattered remains up his ass.

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