Could We Be Seeing The End of KISS?

KISS has been a legendary band by most stretches of the imagination. The band has lent an inspirational hand to millions upon millions of fans who had grown up listening to famed KISS songs, hoping one day to be just like the 4 men in makeup.

After spanning a career that has lasted over 40 years now, could we be seeing the end of KISS? Many may think not, after the band had originally attempted to call it quits some 20 years ago, as made note by bassist Gene Simmons. Currently, Simmons believes the band has a few more years in the tank, but that’s just one band members opinion.

“It became very clear the fans didn’t want us to go,” said Simmons, following the KISS farewell tour.

“We’re the hardest-working band in show business. I wear over forty pounds of studs and armor and all that stuff, seven-inch platform heels, spit fire and have to fly through the air and do all that stuff.”

“In hindsight, it would have been smarter to be a U2 or The [Rolling] Stones, to wear some sneakers and a t-shirt and you’re comfortable. No, we had to do it the hard way.”

“So we’re not gonna be able to do it into our 70s, and I’m 67 now. We’ll do it for a few more years, and then when we think it’s time to go, we’ll go, and we’ll do it the right way, with a big party. I’d like to think that we would do something that rocks the planet — something big and worldwide and maybe free.”

Once the original [KISS lineup] was no more, it just became clear to us that, in some ways, we’re much more a sports team. We don’t fall into the limitations of other bands, because we’re not other bands. So, yeah, at some point, I’d love to see somebody in the band in my place, and it’s because I love the band,” said Paul Stanley.

“We’ve built something that’s so iconic, and I think it transcends any of the members so I can certainly see me not being there, seriously.” He also spoke about his reasons for wanting to spend less time on the road. “I don’t want to go leave home,” he said. “I have a family and I have children and, honestly, I think my primary responsibility is to be a dad, and I don’t want to miss out on that. And certainly, as we got older, we know that life is finite and I pick and choose what I want to do at this point.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/