Collective Soul’s Will Turpin To Release First Full Length Solo Album “Serengeti Drivers”

Photo by Paul Warner

Collective Soul’s bassist Will Turpin will release his first full length album “Serengeti Drivers” on June 8 via his own Gooey Records label across all digital platforms and in independent record stores nationwide. Pre-orders will be available everywhere starting Friday, May 4.

“I started to craft and record these songs right around the time my wife Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Turpin said. “Cancer will change your outlook on life in an instant and it definitely is a part of this record. Watching her deal was tough, I tried to stay positive and keep it light, but I knew she was going to have down days that would test her strength. I don’t think cancer is ever really ‘behind you’, but Donna is strong and is doing better now.”

Produced by Turpin and co-produced by Jonathan Beckner, “Serengeti Drivers” is an 11-song showcase featuring plenty of riffs, aggressive up-tempo rockers, tender tunes, slices of Americana and Beatles-influenced numbers. They are melodically rich, deeply textured, lyrically insightful, and its title “Serengeti Drivers” suggests, wildly adventurous, which came to Turpin in a dream.

“At the beginning of this record, I was having this recurring dream where I was walking in the desert. I wasn’t lost, but yet I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I would see a group of friends, and they would be driving in the desert and having fun,” Turpin said. “I’d ask, ‘Who are these Serengeti drivers? Hey, I know them!’”

“The importance of who you surround yourself with when you’re artistically creating can’t be overestimated, because you only have that one moment in time to get the goods,” Turpin said. “So if things aren’t clicking smoothly and going forward, then it doesn’t matter how good you are. There’s a shorthand with friends and that’s so valuable in a studio setting.”

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