Coheed and Cambria: The Stone Pony

Coheed and Cambria performed the closing night of the annual Stone Pony summer stage in Asbury Park, NJ; while reflecting on their performance at the venue years ago, guitarist Travis Stever commented on the event when the band performed at the warped tour in 2003. “If someone mentions Asbury Park, I can’t help but think about that nightmare, I stayed in Los Angeles because the gridlock was so bad that I missed the show”. It was the only show that Stever had ever missed in his career. Asbury Park has since humorously welcomed him to the venue as of recent. The band has taken a break from delivering the story of the “armory wars,” a science fiction saga from the mind of Sanchez, who instead opted for a relatively straightforward collection of songs from “The Color Before the Sun,” which will drop Oct. 16.

“We know our fans love the concept albums but we’re more than a concept rock band,” Stever said. “This is a very personal record. Claudio shows a different side of himself as a writer and it’s great to move in a new direction. There’s no reason to put a limitation on what we do as a band. We’re wearing our heart on our sleeves. We’re taking a chance. ‘The Color Before the Sun’ has changed everything for us.” It’s healthy for the prog-metal act to broaden its sonic spectrum. The initial single, “You Got Spirit, Kid,” is a soaring anthemic cut, propelled by a power-pop riff. The band has been very please about the outcome of the new material and how they differentiate from what the band’s initial song structure has been based on. If you did not make it to the Asbury Park show, we’ve got you covered here. Kicking off with the first single track, “Island” slipping into “Eraser” and an instant classic “Devil in Jersey City” the band’s setlist consisted of enough brand spanking new tracks among many of the other amazing hits in their arsenal, and with Glassjaw opening we can say it was really quite the show.


    1. Island
    2. Eraser
    3. Devil in Jersey City
    4. Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant
    5. The Crowing
    6. Blood Red Summer
    7. World of Lines
    8. No World for Tomorrow
    9. 33
    10. Junesong Provision
    11. You Got Spirit, Kid
    12. Here to Mars
    13. A Favor House Atlantic
    14. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3


  1. Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial)
  2. Welcome Home

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