Coheed And Cambria Releases Animated Holiday Video

coheed and cambria
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Progressive rockers Coheed And Cambria has released an official music video for the song “Toys” which is featured on the group’s latest album “The Unheavenly Creatures”. The animated holiday video “The Unheavenly Christmas Carol” was created by frontman Claudio Sanchez and directed by Alek Wasilewski.

Funny Or Die: “We’re in the middle of 45’s impeachment… that’s a lot to try and cope with during the holiday season, but Coheed And Cambria’s here to meld holiday bliss with democratic shit-shows.”

Sanchez: “I’ve wanted to ‘toy’ with a Santa story for some time. I guess, no better time than the present. And for Jolly Ole’ to decide if he’s Naughty or Nice? The President.”