Chickenfoot Give Their Best with New Live CD

Mayhem Music Magazine

Chickenfoot is back….well kinda. The band just released their newest album “Best + Live.” While the album is not a full fledged studio album, it does provide the energy one would expect from Chickenfoot at their core, in a live setting.

Like any live album, the performance itself puts you in the hot seat, making you feel as if you’re right there, live, and in front of all the action. Within the album, contains a long line of hits from their first two albums, including “Oh Yeah,” “Different Devil,” “Big Foot,” “Turnin’ Left,” and more.

In the 2CD set, fans will find the first CD containing the best of their two albums in studio form. While this is all well and good, the band made sure not to just include songs that the fans have already heard before, but also included a brand new song, entitled “Divine Termination.” 

“I wrote the lyrics while on an airplane to Cabo,” Hagar told Rolling Stone about the song. “It’s a dark tune, but it’s fucking cool. It’s a really raw production and a giant step for the ‘FOOT’.”

The second CD is where all the fun begins, with the Live performance, recorded in May 2016, in which the band had gotten together for two action packed one-time shows at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe. It’s as if the band had never left, performing like a tightly knit unit as you’d expect from such masterful musicians.

Sadly, it was here that the band would soon see the beginning of the end, as there may in fact be no sight of a new Chickenfoot album. According to guitarist Joe Satriani, he is not holding his breath on a new Chickenfoot album, telling The Oakland Press during an interview. “It’ll always be upsetting to me, the fact [the band] is under-realized,” Satriani said. “That befuddles me still. However, the other guys do have plenty of things to do, and I suppose maybe I get it. But when I think about it from an artistic point of view, it just seems ridiculous that we didn’t do more. It just seems completely wrong.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/