Chevelle Rocks The Colorado Corridor


There have been some great power trio bands that have graced the stages across the world. Some of them have been massively successful such as Rush, ZZ Top, and Nirvana. Others fly under the radar and have a cult fan base such as King’s X, Failure, and Meat Puppets. Chicagoland rockers Chevelle might fit under both of those umbrellas and proved Sunday night July 30 at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado that they are still on top and fans can’t get enough of them.

The neat thing about this tour is that Chevelle brought out a couple of their favorite unknown power trios. English rockers Dinosaur Pile-up warmed the crowd performing their blend of drop C tuning grunge that takes you right back to the Seattle 90’s grunge days. Then next up San Francisco based alternative rock Black Map keep the riffs going playing a number of songs on their recently released album In Droves. The trio consists of Ben Flanagan (vocals and bass) from the band The Trophy Fire and guitarist Mark Engles from the band Dredg. Black Map are definitely gaining momentum right now and I can see them headlining national tours very soon.

Still on tour supporting their latest album The North Corridor released last summer, Chevelle closed out the night ripping through a heavy aggressive set of songs not letting up for almost two hours. Still consisting of Pete Loeffler on lead vocals and guitar, Sam Loeffler on drums, and Dean Bernardini on bass, the band still remains a cohesive unit and sounded amazing on this night. Pete Loeffler is not known as frontman that interacts much with the crowd but tonight he often would awaken the crowd in-between songs with “Are you still alive Denver?” The newer songs from The North Corridor “Young Wicked”, “Rivers”, “Joyride” fit nicely into the set surrounded by live staples “The Clincher”, “Jars”, “Still Running”, and “I Get It”. As expected the band returned for a encore of classic songs from their breakout album Wonder What’s Next from 2002. The highlight of the night was when the band played their breakthrough single “The Red” which triggered fans to pull out their phones while the band played a highly emotional version surrounded by only “red” illuminating lighting on stage. Chevelle continues to release exciting music twenty years into their career and fans are happily coming out to support them.