Stone Horses Release Video For “End Of The World”

Rock N Roll Socialite

Stone Horses is a new band from ex-Charm City Devils singer John Allen and drummer Jason Heiser.

You might remember Charm City Devils from their hit “Man Of Constant Sorrow” (from the Grammy®-winning soundtrack of the George Clooney Oscar®-nominated film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)

Stone Horses released a new single, “End Of The World,” July 13.  Now they’re releasing the official video (Story/Concept: John Allen, Directed by Zach Ruszala and Mutty Gates)

John Allen: “The video is a concept regarding my own thoughts of suicide and my own personal struggles with depression. Maybe it’s a public service announcement, maybe it’s a statement, maybe it’s a cry for help. Recently I have sought my biological parents and I found out that my uncle killed himself with a firearm. It’s horrific. I wish I could have known him. The ending, hopefully, leaves the viewer with a glimmer of hope. I know it made me get quite emotional. It was something Zach Ruszala did that I didn’t expect. There’s always a reason to move forward, to keep soldiering on.”