Candlebox Honors 90’s Era In Denver [Review + Photos]


There has been some great music to come out the 90’s. Seattle’s own Candlebox is easily one of those bands that led the grunge scene and still is active  satisfying audiences across the country. Last year marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Candlebox’s self-titled debut album and the band gloriously celebrated side by side with a sold out crowd Friday night at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado.

Wearing a Candlebox Blossom t-shirt, vocalist Kevin Martin led the band onstage as they erupted into opening song “Don’t You” from their self titled iconic album. Martin still occupies an incredible raspy soulful voice backed by unbeliveable musicians who nailed razor sharp performances. The set was broken up into three parts as the first half was highlighted by songs  “Change”, “Blossom”, and “Cover Me” from that self-titled album. The middle part of the show showcased one song from each of the other wonderful album releases over the years. A personal favorite of mine was “In The Sun” which is a slow burner that displays their signature live dynamics transitioned from soft abruptly to aggressive.

The second half of the set was dedicated to the other six self-titled songs played out of sequence. Throughout the night, Martin often told meaningful stories of when/where he wrote a particular song and introduced them to a warm reception from the crowd. The audience was indeed one of the loudest I have heard at the Summit in a number of shows. The strongest participation came during the song “You” in which everyone was singing all of the lyrics and even holding up their middle fingers towards the end of the song when Martin screams “How I feel inside, Fuck you, It’s for you”!

The smile on Martin’s face matched the fans joyous satisfaction. Friday night was a true celebration of the iconic album in one of rock music’s greatest scenes.

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger