Butch Walker Announces Fall Tour

Well. I’ve been quiet for too long… and the reason is… lots of shit! Let’s start by saying i hope you all are having a good 2018, and that you’re all being kind to one another. That shit is contagious! That being said, I’ve been kindly keeping my head buried in lots of projects, records being produced for other fun artists (Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Struts, Rob Thomas, Andrew Mcmahon, Matt Nathanson, and more coming), doing a lot of charity shows for some causes near and dear, and…. STARTING A NEW RECORD OF MY OWN! Lots of cool shit to talk about, so read on…

First off, what good would recording and releasing new music of my own this year be without……. A SUMMER TOUR!?!?

What are you doing in SEPT? Coming to see ME.. That’s what you’re doing. My band and i are planning a Nationwide romp that will put us hopefully in your neighborhood so call the dog sitter, cancel the weddings, and come see me do my shit.. you know i don’t get to visit you that often, we both probably don’t get out much, and I’m fucking great live (whut)…so let’s make unicorn fairy magic together. This tour will be no shortage of fun and surprises, with a show that even your cross-armed, Lil Yachty-obsessed punk ass nephew will quietly and shamelessly approve of. Check the dates here:

I’m very excited as well to be coming back to my hometown of ATLANTA during this tour to play the MUSIC MIDTOWN FESTIVAL for the first time in forever. Last time i played it, was when my old band The Marvelous 3 headlined the main stage in the 1900’s! It’s gonna be a riot and i can’t wait. Make sure to get tickets and come support your boy when they announce our set time.

There’s more.. LOS Angeles. If you were lucky enough to be at my first annual TALPanga charity concert for my Autumn Leaves Project organization (for pancreatic cancer victims) in lovely Topanga Canyon, then you witnessed a truly magical and special event. Last year, me, Jakob Dylan, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Suzanne Santo and others played a beautiful outdoor theatre in the heart of Topanga Canyon and it sold out in minutes. This year we are doing TWO NIGHTS!! The event will take place NOV 3-4(SAT AND SUN) and we will be putting this on sale soon. Stay tuned for details. Mark it down and don’t make any other plans that weekend.