Bruce Dickinson Says Metal Vocalists Can Learn A Lot From Babies

Iron Maiden
Josh Lowe/Alternative Revolt Magazine

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is quite the jack of all trades…a successful singer for one of the biggest heavy metal bands of all time, a pilot, and an author. It seems like there’s nothing the man can’t do. Regardless, everything stems to his roots of what got him to where he is today, which is his singing.

Dickinson has risen through the ranks as being one of the worlds most prolific heavy metal singers in history. Throughout decades of singing, Dickinson still manages to maintain a very high level with his voice. In giving some advice to those who are far younger than he is, looking to get into the scene as a metal vocalist, Dickison says we can learn quite a lot from babies.

When it comes to gaining inspiration, you age is apparently not a factor when it comes to singers looking to get an edge on how they can be the next Bruce Dickinson. Any advice is good advice, when it comes from the man himself who’s been there, and done that.

“There’s a chapter [in my autobiography] about vocal technique and about how it all works, the voice works and things — just on a mechanical basis,” Dickinson said. “And I make the point that you can learn an awful lot from babies. I mean, the racket that comes out of that tiny little thing. And it goes on forever — they don’t lose their voice, do they, ever? Babies have got no fear of just letting rip with all their diaphragm and everything. And they’ve got these tiny little lungs. My God, they make an amazing noise. So you think about that, and you think when people say, ‘Oh, I can’t sing.’ Oh, yes, you can — you’ve just forgotten how to do it.”

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