Bret Michaels To Be Honored For Diabetes Awareness Month

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Bret Michaels has diabetes but that has never stopped him from living the life he wants to live. In November, as part of national Diabetes Awareness Month, Michaels will partner with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City to celebrate living his best life with diabetes. The music icon will be honored at the Diabetes Training Camp Foundation “Come Experience The Magic” benefit on November 8 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City as one of the fiercest warriors for diabetes, his philanthropy and his active and powerful life of inspiring others living with T1D. After being honored, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City will host a Bret Michaels concert. In addition to being honored by Diabetes Training Camp Foundation, Michaels will be joined at the event by nearly 50 alumni of the Diabetes Training Camp experiences who also live with T1D.

“I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age six and every day since then has been a challenging battle of balancing blood sugars with eating and being active,” said Michaels. “I have worked hard to create a lifestyle where I manage T1D and not let it limit me.

“I’m very excited to be honored by Diabetes Training Camp Foundation and join my ‘peeps with beeps’ who are also living their best life with T1D. Together, we know that anything is possible.”

Michaels encapsulates the mission and goals of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation — to inspire, motivate and educate by delivering programs that empower the community of people with diabetes to thrive. The philanthropist and father of two is not only an activist for diabetic research but inspires others living with T1D by living the life he wants to live, effectively managing his diabetes and staying healthy. Even after over a half a million injections and blood tests, Michaels remains unbroken. The term also lends itself fitting as the title of his new single, “Unbroken”, with daughter, Jorja Bleu, which will appear on Michaels’s new album, “Songs And Stories”, to be released later this fall.

“Diabetes is a 24-hour, 7-day a week disease,” said Dr. Matthew Corcoran, diabetes specialist, founder and CEO of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation. “For someone living with diabetes, exercising and intense activity can be a very challenging undertaking. At Diabetes Training Camp Foundation, we understand the challenge of active living with diabetes and we are dedicated to helping people living with T1D learn and believe that anything is possible. We have chosen to honor Bret because he does not let his diabetes limit him. Through fitness, diet and proper management, even with the challenges of T1D, he has become an American icon with amazing success on and off stage. He is an inspiration.”

Never letting T1D stop him, Michaels has performed all over the world and is a sports enthusiast who races motorcycles and go karts, stays active both at home and while on the road touring by working out, mountain biking, hiking and playing football, baseball and basketball. As an entrepreneur and reality TV star, “The Celebrity Apprentice” winner not only donated his winnings of almost a half a million dollars from the show but has also raised millions of dollars for diabetes research and has sent thousands of T1D children to diabetes camps, to learn to live their best life and manage their diabetes, through his Life Rocks Foundation. Michaels, who is the father of two daughters, not only personally funds the Life Rocks Foundation, but a portion of the proceeds from meet-and-greets at his live concerts, online auctions and his Lifestyle Collection, which can be found at, are also donated.

“Come Experience The Magic”, the benefit for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation, starts on November 8 at 6 p.m. at DAER nightclub in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. Michaelswill appear at the event to be honored prior to his concert and donate to the silent auction to help raise funds that will be used to get more people living with diabetes to Diabetes Training Camp and allow the Foundation to expand programming to reach more people.