Bret Michaels Expresses Excitement For Upcoming Poison Tour

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Legendary hair metal band, Poison, is set to head out on the road again for their “Poison…Nothin’ But A Good Time 2018” tour, and there’s a lot of excitement built in within the band once they take the big stage later this week with the likes of Cheap Trick, and Pop Evil.

Poison singer Bret Michaels is expressing some heavy loads of readiness, as he embarks on a new journey with his original band members.

“I’m really excited to see C.C. [DeVille, guitar] and Rikki [Rockett, drums] and Bobby [Dall, bass] again and get together. We’re gonna have amazing rehearsals. And that’s where you put in all the really hard work, just cutting through the songs we wanna do. But this year, we’re really gonna focus on putting back into the set ‘I Want Action’, ‘I Won’t Forget You’, ‘Fallen Angel’, some of the stuff that, when we were out with Def Leppard and out with KISS and Motley[Crue] and all these different bands co-headlining, what happened is your set’s a little shorter. Now we’re gonna put all that stuff in. And we appreciate it — don’t ever misunderstand me; I love it. And last year with Def Leppard was great. But focusing on rehearsals is gonna be amazing. I’m excited. And I’ve really gottta say this: we’ve worked hard on designing the look of the show, making sure that, obviously, the audio is right and visually, it’s right. But, as you know, we’re still, as POISON, a true, honest-to-God live rock and roll band. I don’t even use the in-ears — I’m still the monitor guy; I like that feel of an energetic live show. And so it’s real honest-to-God, straight-up-in-your-face live rock and roll.”

“There was no set intention not to be with the guys,” he explained. “We never sat down and said, ‘Let’s not do this.’ We went hard and strong there for a long time — from ’99 straight up to probably about 2012 — and then there was just a little break period in there. But, for me, [I] started to [get involved] with ‘Rock Of Love’ and ‘The [Celebrity] Apprentice’ and ‘Rock My RV’ — a bunch of reality shows and stuff going on… And I’m glad to be back. C.C. and Bobby and Rikki are fired up. And it’s gonna be, as always, an unbelievable, energetic show. The way we approach it is with total fun, total energy.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/