Black Pistol Release New Album ‘Sins of the Father’

Cape Town based hard rock band Black Pistol have released their new album ‘Sins of the Father’. The album is testament to the power of driving riffs, pounding drums, rumbling bass and soaring vocals. Before recording started the band made the decision to track everything live as they explain, “The idea behind this was to capture who we are, what we do, how we act and react, our passion and soul. When a listener presses play, we want our energy to explode throughout the room and invite you to be with us for the entire album.”

Recorded and produced by Jo Ellis at his Blue Room Studios in Ladismith, who comments on working with the band, “I absolutely loved having the guys in the studio. They came to every session well-prepared and ready to lay down great, tight live performances. No messing about – good songs, performed with energy, fire and passion. I’m so proud of the record we made together!”

The lyrical content of this album is vastly different from their previous work where vocalist Stiaan Bruwer was more concerned about writings lyrics that might sound cool or paint this image of a hard rock ‘n rolla. With this album he wanted to write content that felt real and relatable.

“Honesty was a difficult thing to get out on paper, and scary! When you talk about struggles with antidepressants and thoughts of suicide, you are letting complete strangers into your personal life, and that can be a very intimidating thought.” Says Stiaan Bruwer.

He goes on to add, “I felt comfortable writing about topics such as religion and my struggles with depression. We wanted people to really connect with the lyrics and we did not want to create this pretentious curtain where we try to fall into the stereotypical hard rock band.”

Track Listing:
1.Nowhere to Run
2.Call to Arms
3.Devil in Disguise
4.Down the Hatch
5.Heaven and Hell
6.Sins of the Father
7.Psycho Maniac