Black Label Society Releases New Video For ‘A Love Unreal’

Black Label Society have come out into the world again with a new music video release for their song, “A Love Unreal.” The song was released on the bands newest album, “Grimmest Hits,” which was released in January.

“The only ideas I really had [prior to going into the studio] were ‘The Only Words’. I wrote that when I was sitting in a hotel room. It reminded me of a Cream thing. The only other riff I had laying around was ‘Trampled Down Below,’ said Zakk Wylde.

“Every record that we do, it’s like a box of cracker jacks,” he continued. “We don’t know what we’re gonna get till we get there.

“That’s the whole fun thing about making records. You’re going in with, ‘Let’s see what happens.’

“You could be listening to ‘Heart Of Gold’ on the radio and then me and you listening to that, it’d be cool if we wrote something like that.

“A lot of things happen like that. You get sparked off by writing the riff. Listening to [Led] Zeppelin or [Black] Sabbath or The Allman Brothers. What you end up coming out with can be something different.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/