Black Country Communion Releases New Song For “The Cove”

Black Country Communion has released a new video for the song “The Cove”.  The song is taken from the band’s fourth album, “BCCIV”, which was released last September via Mascot Records. This is BCC’s first studio album since 2013’s “Afterglow”.

Hughes told Express that “The Cove” was written about the annual slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji. An ambassador for the Dolphin Project charity, he said: “Between February and March each year, fifty dolphin hunters in the Japanese village of Taiji go deep into the ocean and net and bring in the dolphins into the killing cove and slaughter them for food and entertainment. Now that I am a vegan, I want to educate people as it’s deeply saddening to see how these beautiful creatures are killed. I want to be of service to the human race and show people that this is wrong!”