Big Things In Store For Upcoming Metallica Stadium Tour

This year will mark the first time in 8 years that Metallica will embark on their first real full length tour. This calls for celebration on the highest ends. Drummer Lars Ulrich expressed great excitement for what is to come this year for their fans. I’m just excited about the fact that that’s still possible to go out and play stadiums 36 years into a career and that people give a shit, It’s going to be awesome,” said Ulrich.

Last year, Metallica had given fans just a taste of what the good ole days of touring were like, playing two stadium shows. One of which being at AT&T Park in San Francisco, and the newly minted US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It’s a great thing to see such an influential band be able to still make great music, and sell out these massive arenas worldwide. Excitement has been building in large proportions, as fans have been waiting for quite some time for this tour to arrive. “It was like, ‘Holy fuck, people really still care about this band in ways that you stopped taking for granted literally decades ago,'” Ulrich says.

“Full stadium runs can sometimes be a little intimidating,” he continues. “There’s all these things to worry about like, ‘You should really try to play maybe only on the weekend,’ and, ‘Where do you play on Tuesday?’ and some of those practicalities can get a little bewildering. We just threw caution to the wind. Doing a stadium run seemed like the perfect thing on the back of how well this record has been received and all the good will that’s out there in Metallica’s world right now.”

When news of their newly dubbed “WorldWired Tour” was announced, the airwaves burst, as fans are in store for a hell of a tour featuring the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Gojira. With a high volume of dates going on sale this week, there’s undoubtedly going to be a mad dash of fans looking to get their hands on their tickets. With so many fans looking to pack each stadium, the band is sure to make it worth the wait during their performance.

“You want to make the shows into events,” Ulrich says. “We’ve got a few things, obviously, that are tied into the record and a few different bits and tugs that’s gonna make it fun.”

“We’ve got a couple of things up our sleeves,” he continues. “I don’t want to give it all away, but we’re playing a few stadium shows in Mexico in about two weeks’ time, and we’re gonna be using what we did up in Minneapolis as the springboard. It’s about size and spectacle, but there’s a little bit of a minimalist approach to it.”

While the tour is only set to run from May to August, the band has stated in recent past that they are set to only do multiple small runs of shows, rather than long stretches. Either way, the time has finally come for fans to get what they’ve been asking for. With their new album out for quite some time now, the only thing left is to see it live, a spectacle not worth missing.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/